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                                                       Artist Statement and Process

                                                                               Terry Teitelbaum



Terry Teitelbaum’s paintings reflect the natural world and its constant changes. Her  landscapes suggest a touch of realism, reflecting the artist’s response to shifts in seasons, movement, light, time and weather which are the pulse of her art. Spontaneity and unpredictability of color and texture are the hallmarks that push her work into abstraction

                                          I see woven color in the leaves.

                                                        Terry Teitelbaum

Teitelbaum’s daring use of color combinations was honed during her years as a fashion designer in the sixties. Her current artistic expression is a convergence of fashion design and textiles with her painting medium: there are striking similarities between the sheer fabrics from her past and the transparent pigment she uses in her paintings. Iridescent fabric to interference color. The artist simply traded one art form for another.


                          I paint to capture the texture and color 

        of the influences in my life, and to tell a story. 

       The finished piece transmits that story to others.

                                                        Terry Teitelbaum


Capturing beauty from surroundings and memories extract an emotional connection for the artist. Each painting is layered representing a moment that caught her sense of feeling and experiencing the complex world around her. She is drawn to visual rhythms and the natural patterns seen in the landscape and her surroundings. Multiple layers of pigment combine to achieve a painting unique in its contrasts of darks and lights or complimentary colors. Sometimes the simplicity of a mood is stated, but often close observation will reveal a more complex image in the layers allowing the viewer to emotionally interact. Layers painted, layers scraped, layers wet over dry, or wet over wet, layers tooled, repainted, layers exposed or hidden, changing their mood like the weather so the viewer can experience the depth of the story the artist is telling.


                                My style reflects the flow I seek in life;

                 each painting takes on a life of its own.  

                                                        Terry Teitelbaum

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